RSS Savvy v1.3 Beta Program on Google Play.

Why join?

If you want to try out new features sooner such as an extended feed catalog (including 50 popular subreddit feeds), app-mirroring for right-to-left languages, improved handling of Atom variants including Reddit, embedded imgur images, and other UI enhancements and tweaks, then you may want to join the Beta program. If you want the opportunity to give feedback on new features and help influence the app's future direction, this is also your opportunity! Or, if you just want to help out making this app better by helping with final testing, I'd appreciate your help.

Will I get less stable software?

I won't push anything out on Beta until the quality is at a point where I'd previously have released (prior to the Beta program). With 5521 different types of phones and tablets to support, (and I only have 6 devices of my own to test with) it's difficult to catch every possible issue, so I am hoping the Beta program will help catch any fringe cases. If anything, you will see improved quality as you get the latest enhancements and fixes sooner.

It's simple to join...

Simply email me at Use the Gmail account you use in Google Play (or include that in your email) and I'll send you an opt-in link, after which the next version will appear for you in Google Play. If you change your mind, simply let me know and I'll remove you again.