Privacy Policy for FeedMinder & RSS Savvy for BlackBerry 10

The following declares my commitment, as an application developer, to respect and protect your privacy as relates to using one of my mobile apps FeedMinder or RSS Savvy.

When you visit websites or use web services, it is common practice for many sites to track some information about you. Before you share articles to Twitter, Facebook or other Social Networking Sites, or in the case of FeedMinder to actually use a number of Twitter features, you may want to first make yourself aware of their privacy policies. The Twitter privacy policy for example can be found here.

FeedMinder and RSS Savvy will NEVER post anything to your Social Networks except when you explicitly request the app to do so.

Permissions Explained

Denying any of the following permissions will of course prevent the dependent features from working correctly. If you are uncomfortable assigning these permissions, you can always deny them on installation and later allow them should you want to start using those features. (See Settings, Security and Privacy, Application Permissions).

RSS Savvy requests the following permissions:

FeedMinder requests a few more permissions:

Social Network Sign-In

FeedMinder users please note that when you sign in to Twitter and Facebook, this uses OAuth/OAuth2 to authenticate you - I never get access to your password. That is between you and Twitter/Facebook and I am only given an access token.

Any feedback on this privacy policy, please contact